We are so incredibly spoiled

Sunday was our friends shower and K and I are still overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from our chosen family. As K told our friends, we truly could not have gone down this rather unconventional path toward parenthood without their fellowship. I’m not typically a sappy person, but I keep getting teary-eyed when I think about how lucky we are for our chosen family.

Not only did they spoil us with their affection, but our friends really went above and beyond to help us secure items we need for wee Falco. We received so many practical gifts like adorable clothes, all of our feeding supplies, wet bags, and a diaper/wipes pod, as well as treasured, handmade items like a custom baby quilt, a crocheted hat and wool diaper soaker, and perfect decor items like a framed print that says, “You are loved.”

the stash




I think this is K's favorite gift: a box of Thin Mints we'd previously purchased from a friend's daughter.

I think this is K’s favorite gift: a box of Thin Mints we’d previously purchased from a friend’s daughter.

Our friends really got into the group craft project: an ABC book for our little one. We created pages that say, “A is for…” and brought a ton of craft supplies for people to create depictions of what could begin with those letters. Some favorites include, “Z is for zombie,” “X is for X-Men,” “Q is for queer,” and “Y is for you,” which has a really touching message about how treasured Falco is. I set aside the letter M so, when I have a free moment, I can create my “M is for mommy” page.

K secured a delicious gluten free sheet cake (vanilla with raspberry filling – YUM) from my favorite gluten free bakery. Despite having spelled out Falco (“F is for Frank…,” etc.), the baker wrote “Salco” on the cake. Really? SALCO?! She “fixed” it for us while we waited, but her version of fixing it just made it look smudgy and worse than it already did with a misspelling. We got a really great chuckle out of it, plus it makes for a funny story. The cake was de-freaking-licious, though, which is what matters most. I consumed two large pieces at the shower and considered a third before bed.


We revealed the sex of the baby but swore our friends to secrecy, as we do not intend to tell our family members or anyone else before Falco’s birth. We recently had some family members start following our blog (welcome!), and there might be some incidences in the near future where we need a more private space to process or discuss some deep topics that I don’t feel comfortable sharing with everyone in my life. A few password protected posts, including one that’s a sex reveal, might be on the horizon. If you’d like to be able to read them, please email me at thefalcoproject(at)gmail(dot)com.

K and I are truly the luckiest people in the world. I know that Falco is going to love all of her/his aunts and uncles!


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