Being a new mom makes me feel old

Until now, I hadn’t considered my age (34) as particularly old or young. More neutral, I guess. Going through the process of preparing for our little one has made me feel so incredibly old. K and I are typically among the oldest parents-to-be at any baby-related class or event, and it baffles me. I can’t imagine having our kid any younger than our current age and I feel like this has been a well-planned and appropriately timed decision for us.

I just got another reminder about the rarity of our age as first-time parents-to-be when Everyday Family sent our weekly pregnancy update. This week’s email contained a poll about the age we are or will be at the birth of our first child. Woo! I’m squarely in the 9% category. Thanks for reminding me of my new mom-to-be unicorn status, Everyday Family.


*shrug* I wouldn’t change a thing.


10 thoughts on “Being a new mom makes me feel old

    • I’m sure there are pros/cons to each approach, but I can totally relate to what you’re saying here! I also keep thinking about how old we might be when/if we attempt for a second child!

      • Yeh I can’t even think to that if/when but I would still have a few more years to accomplish it. My goal had been to be pregnant by 30, knowing it could take some time and I could have more logistical hang ups, but I got my positive the day before my 27th birthday. Hopefully, I’ll have someone along for the ride if I go for a second round!

  1. Wow, that chart surprised me–I guess I’m surrounded by similarly ancient parents! Over and over (especially when we had a newborn) Roo and I commented to each other how glad we were that we had waited as long as we had. It felt like it took every bit of maturity and wisdom that we had gained up until then to get ourselves (and our relationship) through that challenging time.

  2. I am 28 and just had baby #3 and I am seriously the ONLY one of my friends who is married and has children. I dont have ANY other friends with children yet. It makes me sad and even tho I say we are done now, I am going to have serious baby fever when they do all start having kids in a few years.

  3. My parents were done having three kids by age 25, and I don’t have a single one at 32. They are baffled and I def feel the clock ticking, but don’t feel I would’ve been ready for any of this in my 20’s. My life has taken so many turns and at times STILL don’t feel ready to be responsible for someone else! I feel like I have so much more to offer kids at this age now than I could have when I was younger.

  4. It would be SO hard to have a baby under 20!!!! I’m one of those annoying people who watch teen mom and 16& pregnant ( but give me a break because one of the couples is from my hometown) and I have no idea how they do it! And unicorns are pretty cool.

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