2 weeks old

C and I have been adjusting well to parenthood.  Because Falco arrived so early, and C is really dedicated to her job, she’s postponed her maternity leave until after the 26th of April.  She works in fundraising/development, and there is a very large annual event that takes place on the 25th.  She plays a huge role in making this event happen, and didn’t want to leave her  co-workers or the agency in a lurch.  I respect how hard she is working, while still doing as much as she can at home to help me out.  She’s seriously worked about 60 hours this week already.  It’s rough.  It’s been a little challenging for me, home alone with the little guy.  I feel cooped up here and a little emotional and miss having her around to reassure me when I’m afraid I’m doing everything wrong.  C is totally the calm one right now….but I’m hoping that is just the pregnancy hormones and I’ll relax a little more soon.

Cloth diapering is going really well.  I have to admit I was a little scared of the poo and the poo sprayer!  (Since we’re bottle feeding the poop is not water soluble like breast milk feed babies).  But it really hasn’t been that bad at all, especially since we have this Spray Pal.  I highly recommend it!

The most challenging thing so far has been feeding.  Falco has some reflux and it’s a slow process to feed him and difficult to watch him uncomfortable and struggle while eating.  The pediatrician isn’t too worried about it since he isn’t having any trouble gaining weight.

And now for some pictures!!

daddy and baby had a rough start

daddy and baby had a rough start

Team Spirit

Team Spirit



About 1 week old

About 1 week old

2 weeks

2 weeks


12 thoughts on “2 weeks old

  1. I’m so happy for you guys – he’s growing so fast! I remember that I had to go back to work briefly, right after our daughter was born, before I could take leave. One day my partners called in tears and we met in a parking lot so that we could hug for a minute. Don’t be afraid to make the call! These are some hard, hard times.

  2. What a sweet little guy – I want to squish him. I know it must be hard to have C back to work and to be on your own. be there for eachother, and neither of you be afraid to ask for what you need. Big hugs to all

  3. Ohhhhh he’s so cute! Love the M hat pic especially. Good luck to C with her event today. I used to work in fundraising and events so know how much prep has to go into it. She’ll be on cloud 9 when it’s all done and she can come home to you two and her maternity leave 🙂

  4. So cute! I know what it’s like being insecure and alone with a newborn. And it is so hard juggling everything on your own most of the time! If you find yourself needing someone to talk to who gets it, don’t hesitate to email me.

  5. He’s precious! And you are amazing doing the early weeks on your own while the wife works 60 hour weeks. Glad her big work event is over now and you’ll be getting some help.

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