Happy Mother’s Day!

… to me! I celebrated my first Mother’s Day with my guys, mostly lazily at home, but we also went to the local annual plant sale, where K bought me some lettuce and hens and chicks.

Bananas Over Mommy

This was Baby E’s first outfit of the day. He promptly spit up in it and has been spitting up all day since. We’ve already gone through four outfit changes and, at the last one, he and I each required baths because he sprayed about an ounce of formula all over both of us. His doctors are hesitant to prescribe anything for his acid reflux since he’s still steadily gaining weight, but I am tempted to threaten to stay there until they prescribe something. I just can’t continue getting sprayed with tocopherol, as I recently started getting some rashes on my neck from the allergen. *sigh*

Motherhood sure is glamorous.


9 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

      • Jeez you guys get the best special deals over there! I think because NZ is so small there just isn’t the competition. We have lovely designer NZ made thins and organic or natural fibers, but clothing, linen etc is so expensive for kids and adults.

  1. Our pediatrician was also hesitant to prescribe medication for one of our girl’s reflux issues because she was also gaining weight. She had pretty significant latch issues as well (just needed A LOT of constant assistance) so it’s not like she needed another thing that could inhibit her feeding. I finally had to just express to the doctor how horrible it was to watch her literally yelp out in pain when it happened. Within just two or three days on the famotidine, we saw significant improvement. Made all the difference in the world…for us and for her.

    • I expressed the very same thing to our ped the past 2 visits but they seem to have a practice-wide aversion to it. It’s practically a policy that they won’t prescribe unless the child is failing to gain. I am going to call in the morning, march up there and stage a sit-in, if that’s what it takes. Enough is enough.

  2. He may be a toxic fire hydrant but he is damn cute. Not to make the problem more or less than it is, but friends had a similar experience and sought a second opinion. It seems scary to me to do that, even when it’s for myself, because an otherwise good doctor is probably making the right decision but it can’t hurt to double check if he continues down the same path.

  3. http://search.medscape.com/news-search?newSearchHeader=1&queryText=acid+reflux+in+babies

    I haven’t read any articles yet but here’s a link to see what is out there on babies and acid reflux. I was listening to a doctor talk about colon health- (he was a colon specialist), and it made me realize that there’s all these things out there that we assume we should be doing- (even passed on FROM our PRIMARIES!) but from the person who specializes in it, it’s a red flag. If I were you, I would consider someone other than a primary doctor, who specializes in acid reflux to see what they would recommend? Also, I love this website to read articles on perspectives to see what science is saying… maybe this may give you some ammunition to say, based on journal articles, it is actually more beneficial to treat my child with his acid reflux, rather than damage the esophagus. I mean that’s what doctor’s stress in adults… the importance of taking something if you have chronic acid reflux, because it can be so damaging!

    Good luck, keep me posted on baby E’s progress!

    • From what I’ve heard, reflux in babies isn’t the same as reflux in adults, both based on root cause and longterm implications. Doctors don’t like to prescribe reflux meds unless it’s absolutely necessary because it’s an alcohol based medication and can make babies really groggy. Also, most reflux issues resolve themselves as babies and their esophageal sphincters mature. In this case, as the spit up is causing allergic reactions in addition to the clear misery it’s causing E, I really need our doc to prescribe something.

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