Traveling With Cloth Diapers

K and I are taking our first trip with the baby. We decided to take a quick, mid-week jaunt to go visit my parents, who live on Lake Michigan about 4 hours away. We are continuing to cloth diaper while we’re away, which meant a ton of preparations so that I felt confident that we wouldn’t run out of any necessities. Even though we’ll have constant access to laundry facilities, I don’t particularly want to wash diapers at my parents’ house.

The bag on the left contains clothes for me and K and the one on the right contains clothes and diapers for Baby E. I feel like a total warrior right now for doing this while on the road.


10 thoughts on “Traveling With Cloth Diapers

  1. You are a total rockstar (and warrior!)! Our long distance trips have all involved flights to destinations where we’ll be for a while – and not necessarily with laundry nearby – so we’ve switched to disposables for those. Totally worth it in the airport and on the airplane (one less thing to lug) but we’re always happy to get home and back to our cloth!!

  2. Isn’t it crazy how much stuff you have to take when travelling with kids? We went on our first family vacation to Disney in September and I couldn’t get over how it different it is packing up a whole family v.s my last vacation when I was single and only had to worry about myself! Good job sticking to the cloth diapers while away!

  3. I always found it comical that the amount of things required for one child to go away was more than the amount of things required for two grown adults! Hopefully your trip is awesome!

    • You can do it! I think what made it successful for us was taking more dipes than I thought I’d need, just in case, and to use flushable liners for poops (which I’ve heard you can wash & reuse a few times if they’re just pees). I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  4. It got really overwhelming for me when we were CDing and taking our own homemade food for him on trips. I think around that time is when we gave in to disposables for travel.

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