He did it!

Baby E rolled all the way over from his back to his front! If you think he looks surprised, I think he is. His face read, “Huh. So that’s how that works…” He promptly rolled again, then got tired.


5 thoughts on “He did it!

    • He’ll get there when he’s ready! E rolled front to back a few times early on and then never did it again. He’s just now getting stronger with grabbing and holding (and yanked the Nosefrida out of K’s hands last night!), so Wallace has a lot he can teach to E, too!

  1. Hi again,
    Just letting you k ow that ‘tag, you’re it’! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. I’m not sure if you’ll have time to take part, but the info is over on my blog in the post Liebster Award – Rua (two).
    If you can’t take part, then know that I hope a few of my readers, that are new to you, call by to read your great blog.

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