Older than dirt

I officially turned 35 last weekend and I certainly feel every single second of it.

Lately, it doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep I get at night (E sleeps through the night and I’m grateful) or how many naps I take during the day (if I’m lucky enough to get one), I. Am. Wiped. I knew that parenthood would bring a new level of exhaustion, but I never realized how terrible the exhaustion could be. My fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel are flaring, I’m having frequent migraines, and I just feel so worn down.

In an effort to keep this post from becoming yet another mommy pity party, I am happy to report that K gave me the perfect birthday gift: a French press so that I can make delectable, coffee snob approved, cold-brewed iced coffee. I’m used to drinking an iced coffee pretty much each morning these days, but I had one of my cold-brewed coffees yesterday afternoon as well. It was the equivalent of Spiderman’s radioactive spider bite: I. Was. A. Motherf*cking. Superhero. Lesson learned – bring on the beans!

This was my favorite gift this year and I got to spend my entire birthday at home with him:


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