IAFS is my new parenting – hell, life – motto. It’s super versatile sentiment and thinking/saying it is a great way to release stress, laugh, and not feel too derailed when life inevitably goes awry. IAFS is my acronym for “it’s always fucking something.”

Here are a few recent real-life examples for me:

  • Donor left a nastygram on my work voicemail because she double clicked the submit button on our online donation form and her credit card was charged twice. Because it’s our fault. IAFS!
  • The repair person who is supposed to complete a few projects in our bathroom has been dragging the project on for almost two weeks now. Each time he calls with a different excuse as to why he needs to change plans or can’t complete the project in the time he quoted, you can guess what immediately runs through my head: IAFS!
  • E is at the peak of the bell curve for babies’ prevalence for spit up based on age. To this end, K and I have what we’ve lovingly referred to as “barf trauma” and constantly feel on edge. After a particularly fountainous spew and subsequent Baby/Mama clean-up, I returned to the scene of the crime to snap a photo (shown below – those with weak stomachs, avert your eyes!) to show Daddy the lovely mess Mommy had to handle while he was at work. I realized that, while I was triaging our clean-up, our younger dog had proceeded to lick up the majority of the mess. IA – *gag* – FS!!!!!!!!!
    E barf splatter on the ottoman

What’s a recent experience in which thinking “IAFS!” could have diffused tension in your life?


14 thoughts on “IAFS

  1. It’s usually our cat Ginger binge eating and then spending the next hour throwing up around the house. She usually averages 10-16 throw ups, and she has to throw up in a new spot each time. So we get to walk around searching for all the spots.

  2. I couldn’t think of anything immediately. But now I have one. My hubby and I both took time off fron work to take a trip to see family 7 hrs away for labor day so they can meet our lil guy. Tonight we realized we hadn’t called to get the dogs boarded. Going to be so hard to get them in so late in the game! #iafs

  3. That was our whole week the week before last… when the drain clogged throughout most of the house, C cut herself with a knife, we got a flat tire… and on and on. It passed…eventually. Good luck!

  4. I kind of think early humans domesticated wolves just for such occasions. Once my youngest little guy had the flu and barfed up what seemed like five sumo wrestlers’ worth of ick after i’d been up with him all night. It was everywhere. I noticed my dog was interested and just turned a blind eye while i gave the kiddo a bath; came back about 15 minutes later and it was mostly all cleaned up. Yes, it’s gross…no, i can’t believe i’m admitting it…but sleep-deprived parents have to take advantage of our resources in whatever form they come, right?

    Totally relate to IAFS and have actually said those exact words myself many times. Sending sunbeams your way!

      • I have zero doubt that if left to her own devices, our younger dog would eat E’s poop AND his cloth diapers. If there’s ever a rare moment in which the humans in the house fail to realize that the baby has pooped, our dog’s pointed sniffs in that area alert us.

  5. new one. last night right before bed she poops prompting a diaper change. I carry her into the bathroom to change her, paci in her mouth. she spits it out and it lands in the toilet.

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