Brighter day

Today has been a phenomenal end to what has been one of the shittiest weeks in recent history.

K, E and I went to the home of a woman with whom K went to high school because she was selling her used car. It was a 2000 Saturn with low miles, in really good condition, and K’s friend is the original owner. His friend showed us the car and we all went for a test drive. It isn’t perfect and K’s friend was super honest about some of the (VERY minor) things that could use work, but it runs well, has cold air conditioning, and is priced very fairly. Suffice it to say, it looks like we’ll soon be a two-car family! We’re going to meet his friend at the Secretary of State office (this is what most non-Michiganders know as the Department of Motor Vehicles) on September 6 to officially buy it and transfer the title. THE END IS IN SIGHT!

Afterwards, we spent a couple of hours playing and chatting with friends at a local park. We got caught up on all of our friend gossip, commiserated about baby illnesses and other parenting woes, ate some snacks, and played a little on the playground. K even went down the slide with E, which was really adorable.

Then, we came home, took turns napping and caring for E, then K washed dishes while E played in his bouncy seat (which we’ve termed his “executive chair”) and I baked gluten free chocolate chip cookies. Then, we all danced and sang to oldies music, as E seems to really like Motown (good Detroiter that he is!).

Yesterday, I did something super out of character, and went to my very first playdate with strangers (who AM I?!). A local queer parenting list owner and another member have sons who are just a couple of months older than E and were looking to get together. The list owner invited us to her home and I bravely accepted, knowing full well that it would mostly be a mommy get-together since, at our kids’ age, it’s mostly snuggles and minimal parallel play. We mostly sat around in her living room with the boys, talking about typical getting-to-know-you parenting topics like where we take our kids to daycare, which pediatrician we see, and whether or not we want additional children. We also talked about typical queer parenting topics like how we conceived, whether or not we’re legally married in another state, and what other queer parenting resources/groups we access. It was a fun mommy milestone for me that I’m really proud of myself for embarking upon.

Thankfully, we left this weekend fairly open to allow a lot of time to decompress from traveling last weekend. I’m thinking we’ll be taking a lot of naps and catch up on television shows between chores, and that sounds like absolute perfection to me after the past week of diarrhea, fussing and repair dude in our home.


One thought on “Brighter day

  1. Good job getting out! Those groups have been a huge asset to my wife’s sanity and our social circle, and she’s a HUGE introvert. I hope you talked about poop, though. No early such meet-up is complete without a good poop discussion.

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