The pit and peak

Last night was a whirlwind.

If you’ve been reading along, you know that our elderly dog has been in rapidly declining health. Since we’ve come home from our trip to visit my parents, we’ve noticed that she trembles and her legs periodically buckle beneath her, making her unable to walk during those times. K and I have been watchfully waiting for “the sign” that it’s time to humanely say goodbye. Each time we think it’s time, she bounces back and seems like her old self again.

She had a rough morning getting around yesterday, so I gated her in the living room with a pee pad during the day so that she wouldn’t have to traverse the treacherous stairs to and from the crate that we keep in the basement. When I arrived home, she was either still or again having trouble with her legs and when she trembled, she made little sounds. I called K and said that we needed to take her to the veterinarian that night.

K scrambled to find last-minute child care so that we could focus our attention on our sweet Golden Girl, and his dad said that he could come to be with E. He typically cares for E with K’s mom, but she was out-of-town, and we were really appreciative of his willingness and ability to help.

Of course, by the time we got to the vet, sweet lady was walking more normally, as she is wont to do. The veterinarian gave her a thorough physical examination, confirming that our dog isn’t currently in pain, discovering that she has a heart murmur and telling us that she’s fairly certain that our dog has a brain mass. Since our dog is so old, our intention is to continue to watchfully wait and assess for signs that it is time to say goodbye, but the vet said that she doesn’t yet think that the time has come.

We arrived home, exhausted and still a bit numb from the veterinarian’s news, and grandpa said that E had been fussy, which is very much out of character for him. Grandpa tried rocking him, offering a pacifier, and giving him more food, none of which seemed to work, then decided to try changing E’s diaper. K was holding E as we thanked grandpa for his help.

After K’s dad left, K turned to me and said, “I don’t know what my dad did, but this diaper feels funky. I swear, I can feel E’s buttcrack!” Since we needed to get E ready for bed anyway, which involves changing him into a thick, absorbent nighttime diaper, we decided to assess the situation. This is what we discovered:



[For those who are unfamiliar with these diapers, please reference this photo at the Cotton Babies website.]

Bless his heart. He tried and when he did, he managed to get a BumGenius Freetime, our easiest diaper, on our baby backwards. With snaps. (HOW THE…?!?!?!?!) We laughed our asses off, grateful for the support we have in times of need, and thankful for the levity after such a weighty evening.


4 thoughts on “The pit and peak

  1. lol this is hilarious. i haven’t had to leave my son with his grandpa alone yet – i think my dad would probably pull something similar and not even know. So glad you could have a laugh after a hard day with the pup. We have 2 fur-babies and it hurts my heart to think about the day we have to say goodbye!

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