4.5 months

I can’t believe E is 4 and a half months old!  I can’t believe I’ve been someone’s dad for 4 months!!!  I’ve miss you all and wanted to give a quick E four month update.

I’ve really noticed his personality emerging more and more–which is fascinating to watch. He’s very laid back and easy going, yet focused and determined when trying new things. I’ve noticed him expressing preferences more and more.  The other day I had a variety of toys out and I switched toys.  He started to fuss and look for the one I took away.  There are so many little amazing moments I want to write about.  I think my favorite thing is how interested he is lately in books.  He really seems to focus intently on them and is now trying to turn the pages himself or trying to hold the book.

Right now he loves:

  • Rolling all over the place
  • Drooling and blowing bubbles
  • Motown music
  • Watching his crazy parents dance and sing to Motown music
  • Kismet, the black and white kitty
  • Nature–trees, grass, flowers, the sky
  • His new BIGGer bottles
  • People!  I would say he’s partial to other babies and older women 🙂



5 thoughts on “4.5 months

  1. our little guy just turned 4months old yesterday and i agree – it’s amazing to see their personality emerge. Our daycare teacher told me this morning that our guy was going to be a bookworm because he loved the books so much in the classroom. We read every night as well, and i’ve noticed him wanting to reach out to the book sometimes, too! So cool to see all of this. I also love to turn up the motown music and dance around with my son. It’s just great tunes to sing and dance to!

    • Yay to Motown music! C and I noticed it doesn’t have as many sexual and drug references as current pop or rock but IT does have some questionable and VERY dated gender stuff. I never really noticed it until listening more closely to the lyrics!

    • Kathryn, it really depends on the time of day. He’s been eating more and more these days though per feeding. Right now it’s about 5.5 oz, and probably eats 8 times a day. His last feeding of the night, right before bed is sometimes smaller(3 oz), and other times he’ll eat 5 or so and want 2 or 3 more. He’s a mystery!

      • well I just ask because I usually give Tabitha 5oz, but yesterday my mom said she had to give her an additional 2.5oz at 2 of the feedings. I mean, it makes perfect sense.. sometimes I eat a lot for dinner, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I have a bigger lunch.. etc

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