Sick kid

And I mean sick with a big ol’ S.

After an atypically grumpy day on Saturday, E kept waking up crying that night. By morning, he was crying and screaming inconsolably. K thought E was sick, but I suspected teething. We kept taking his temperature and I administered nearly any potentially related over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to attempt to keep E calm. His temperature was totally normal. After several hours, I agreed with K that something was not right and K paged the on-call pediatrician from our practice. The ped who called us back happened to be our favorite doctor with the practice. He encouraged us to visit the hospital’s pediatric after hours clinic, just to be safe and because of the holiday weekend.

E was, of course, calm and borderline cheery, albeit lethargic, when we arrived to the clinic. We were relieved for his demeanor because we had to wait almost two hours before we saw the only doctor who was working that day.

The pediatrician was brisk when she examined E and then diagnosed him with an ear infection and upper respiratory infection. She prescribed antibiotics and told us to continue giving E Tylenol every 4-6 hours. I’m actually shocked that E is taking these icky tasting meds so willingly, likely because he’s so weak.

The only way E would sleep last night was upright on one of our chests, so we slept in shifts. Gallant K let me sleep first. E still sounds snotty today, is coughing, sounds hoarse when he cries, is very lethargic, and keeps refusing the bottle. He does have some moments of cheeriness and playfulness, which gives me hope that he’s on the mend.

Right now he’s crashed on his daddy’s shoulder.


The kitty is very concerned about his human brother.



9 thoughts on “Sick kid

    • Thanks! He’s getting lots of snuggles and love in addition to his pharmaceuticals, so hopefully he’ll be back to his usual happy self really soon. I’m likely staying home with him tomorrow though.

      • What about putting him in the carrier so if you nod off it will be okay? A ring sling would be perfect in this situation because you can keep the fabric away from his face.

      • Oh I bet he’s safe! Just an idea to possibly make it easier on you all. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle the ring sling (sprained neck, broke T4, migraines) but it’s been okay as long as I have it spread over my shoulder right. Definitely prefer the Ergo for long trips.

        I hope he keeps improving! Maybe when my next couple crazy weeks are over we can make plans again.

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