I’m SO GLAD it’s Friday. It’s been a doozy of a week! E has been having a lot of difficulties sleeping – namely, waking up screaming at around 2 or 3 a.m. He was inconsolable and would only calm down slightly if we brought him in bed with us. That allowed K to get some sleep, but E spent the majority of Monday night swinging his head back and forth like a wrecking ball into me. I had assumed that he was having difficulties because he’s teething, but when he did the head maneuver, I immediately decided it was time to go back to the doctor for an ear recheck.

Lo and behold, little dude has his THIRD ear infection in seven months. That’s so much! And, again this time, it’s a double ear infection. The pediatrician wanted to try him on a different antibiotic this time because she doesn’t want the bacteria to become resistant to the type he has tried the other times, plus she really wants to try to knock this out of him and keep the ear ickies at bay.

When prescribing the medicine, the doctor informed me that I should warn all of his caregivers that the medicine he’s been prescribed commonly turns babies’ stools red, which is often interpreted as blood. I’m SO glad she told us because I nearly passed out, even WITH that information, upon spraying his first poopy diaper after he started the meds. WHOA. Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Poop. I was tempted to photograph it to share here, but I value our readers too much.

Between the new round of antibiotics and pain meds at night, E is thankfully starting to sleep and feel much better. We are concerned about the number of ear infections he’s had so far, so we’re preparing to ask a lot of questions at his ear recheck next Friday.

In more uplifting news, my parents are popping into town on Saturday for a quick visit. I’m excited to see them and I know they’re thrilled about seeing E. He’s changed a lot in the two months since our last visit. I know that upsets my mom and she cries each time she sees him again. E adores her and, while it’s my mom’s fear that he’ll forget her, I know in my heart that could never happen. We really need to set up some Skype dates with them to put my mom’s mind at ease.

Edited to add: I can’t believe it took me over 7 months to add the tag of “poop.” My friends can attest that I speak of it rather freely.


5 thoughts on “Sicky

  1. Gotta love baby poop conversations!

    If you have a friend nearby who breast feeds, seriously consider asking for some milk from her and putting a little bit in his ears regularly (as long as there’s no rupture). I know you aren’t comfortable with full on donor milk, but the antibody’s in the milk could totally help him kick these infections and prevent another.

  2. ugh…ear infections don’t sound fun, and for this to be his third! Poor little guy! I hope he gets better quick. BTW, I absolutely cannot read the words “wrecking ball” without envisioning Miley Cyrus licking that sledgehammer while atop the wrecking ball in that horrid video. lol Ugh – pop culture!

  3. We live a 6 hour drive away from my parents, and I know it makes my mom’s heart ache so much. We skype at least once a week, so I think E (and your mom) would both love that if you were able to find time to do it!

    PS – this double ear infection thing sounds AWFUL! Poor E and poor you! Hopefully by now he’s all better…for now. I wish daycares were so infected with gross stuff!

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