Mom Hair

I know I’ve started to hit my stride as a mom when one of my biggest quandaries these days is what to do about my hair. I can understand if some of you think this is ridiculous vanity, but my hair has always played a large role in my identity. I am a redhead and some of my earliest memories involve people inquiring or commenting about my hair. It set me apart and became part of my core.

For the past solid decade, I’ve mostly kept my hair in some variation of a bob. I didn’t even grow my hair out for our wedding and having short, sassy hair on that momentous occasion made me feel like a fun, non-conformist bride. When we decided to embark upon this topsy-turvy journey known as parenthood, I decided to grow my hair out. When sage, veteran parents in our midst told me about how they were lucky to squeeze in a shower, I listened, and decided that having hair that’s long enough to pull back into a ponytail when I’m short on time (which, let’s face it, is often) would be ideal as a new mom. And who the heck had time to schedule and attend a haircut appointment?!

Now that we’ve settled into a bit of a solid routine and I no longer feel totally derailed when that routine is inevitably disrupted, I’m starting to intentionally focus a bit more on my own personal needs. Sure, he’s not yet old enough to understand this, but I think it’s important to model to our child that I am his mama and love him dearly, and that I also have valid needs. That those two things are not mutually exclusive. I’m also so lucky to have a true partner who really shoulders an ample parenting load and who supports my need to take a break.

To that end, I’ve been trying to blow my hair dry more frequently instead of just throwing it up into a wet ponytail and running out the door to get to work. I have been able to manage this four out of five workdays for the last two weeks. I have several reasons for this goal:

  • My hair texture has changed and is now a weird, inconsistent wave.
  • My hair looks nuts if I let it air dry and leave it down.
  • I prefer the way that I look and feel better about myself when my hair is straight and down.

and, the Grand Poobah:

  • I’m considering going back to my old hairstyle of a bob, which really needs to be blown dry in order to look cute.

I’m really scared to take the plunge. What if I can’t keep up with the maintenance? To be fair, I’m certain that it will take significantly less time to blow dry my bob than it does with my current longest-in-my-adulthood hair length, but it’s still a big commitment. And it’s not like I can change my mind after doing it! I can grow it back out again, but it took me a solid six months to a year to get to the length I’m at now.

I’ve scheduled a hair appointment for a week from today, so I really need to decide by then. I guess I can get a trim and kick the proverbial can down the road a while. I wish I could post photos of me in both of these styles, but there’s that whole trying-to-remain-mostly-anonymous thing. I’m truly open to suggestions here, folks! Please, help a (semi-vain but well-intentioned) mama out.


4 thoughts on “Mom Hair

  1. I feel you. My hair maintenance is pretty simple bit it requires a half an hour to shave and thoroughly wash every 2-3 weeks. He won’t even give me five scream-free minutes for a shower anymore so my head has been neglected.

  2. I totally understand what you’re going through…the way you described your hair, mine is exactly the same but passed the middle of my back…I keep mine in a boring bun majority of the time…whenever I do decide to blow it out straight, I do so after baby is put down for the night which gives me 2-3hrs to myself…or I wake up very early (5am) before he wakes up for the day, usually 6:30-7am. I really wish I were brave enough to cut my hair short but it took me a veeery long time to grow it out 😦 Props to you for doing it!! Or about to do it 🙂

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  4. I missed this post the first time around but saw your link to it in a more recent blog of yours. Caught my attention because I just mentioned to my hubby this am that i desperately need a haircut. I’m having the same issues as you mentioned in your post, but not sure if i’m ready to take the plunge back to a “need to style it” hair cut. Glad you love yours!

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