Changes and updates

This post is certain to sound like stream of consciousness, because it pretty much is.

We’ve had such a long great streak with E’s sleep that I feel somewhat sheepish complaining at this point about E’s recent sleep difficulties. We’re not sure if it’s his recurring ear infections, another round of teething, some sort of sleep regression due to a recent burst in developmental progression, or something else entirely, but keeping E asleep for more than half an hour at a time has been darn near impossible. K will rock E to sleep, then gingerly place him in his crib, just like we used to. If we’re lucky, E will stay asleep or rouse minimally and then fall asleep, but without fail, he will start crying about half an hour later. We have to start the whole process over again. And again. And again. Eventually K gives up and brings E in bed with us, where he more or less sleeps peacefully with us until morning. We haven’t done anything else differently and we’re hopeful that he will eventually go back to sleeping well. God, I hope so.

E seems like an entirely different kid with each passing day. He’s scooting around in an army crawl so quickly now! He’s starting to pull himself up on whatever furniture he can and we’re sure he’ll soon be cruising along the couch, ottoman, chair, etc. E is a lot more expressive whenever something happens that he dislikes and cries when he loses a toy. He’s a lot more independent, especially in his desire to move. He immediately flips over and tries to crawl away whenever we try to change his diaper. He resists solid foods unless/until he’s spoon-feeding himself and desperately wants whatever it is we have on our plates.

We’re still rotating through illness in our family and I’m the most recent casualty. A coworker convinced me on Tuesday to go to the doctor because my cough kept getting worse as the day wore on.  After several tests at the urgent care clinic, I was diagnosed with bronchitis and it got progressively worse over the past week. I am on a round of antibiotics and steroids, as well as an inhaler and cough syrup with codeine. My cough, at times, has been uncontrollable and wipes me of every ounce of energy. I spent the majority of Thanksgiving Day sucking on menthol cough drops.

After my weeks of waffling about the future of my hair, I decided to have it cut in the stacked bob I donned for years. I love it and think I no longer look like I’ve given up on myself, but I’m still surprised whenever I pass a mirror. I’m actually shocked that so few people seemed to notice the change after I had 6 inches cut off!


6 thoughts on “Changes and updates

  1. Oh I hope you feel better soon!!

    Maybe E is just going through a clingy phase. He is gaining independence and figuring out object permanence. Hopefully it’s that and not an ear infection since he does sleep better once in bed.

    • That’s my hope, too. He does thrash a bit in our bed around 3-4 a.m. in a way that points to his ear infection hanging on, but beyond that, it could be him being clingy. We’re going for another ear recheck in a few weeks.

  2. ugh. sounds like E has been doing what Tabs has been for the past few weeks. I have resorted to bed sharing with her. it’s the only way I can stay sane and feel like a good mom. just taking it a day at a time over here. she is super clingy too.
    hope your health recovers soon, as well as E’s sleep!

  3. Good luck with E and with your health! Sounds like a stressful stage.

    Moreover, congrats on the cut! As a fellow long-time-stacked-bob-lady, I give you two thumbs up for doing something awesome for yourself. I’m glad it is making you feel fabulous! I tried growing out my hair before my wedding, but also ended up whacking it off into it’s usual short cut. I wanted to look like myself. I’m glad your hair is making you feel a little bit more like you. 🙂

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