8 Months!

I can’t believe that it’s already been 8 months since E was born. Everyone tells you that time flies when you become a parent, and I can attest to the truth behind that statement.

Here are a few current highlights about E:

  • E decided to pull himself up to standing today and both K and I witnessed it. He had such a ginormous grin on his face and you could tell that he was very proud of himself. We were proud of him, too.
  • yum!He’s becoming quite the adventurous eater. The trick behind getting him to try something new is something a dear friend showed us – it truly has to be his idea whether or not to put something in his mouth. If we want him to try something, we have to nonchalantly place it in front of him. Inevitably, it goes into his mouth. At dinner with K’s family last night, E reached for the pickle on my plate. I handed it to him, and he shockingly ate it! No one in the family likes pickles, so it came as quite a surprise.
  • E really enjoys footwear. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s destined to become a fashion maven or if it’s the item of clothing that just happens to be closest to him, but he really appreciates a wide variety of footwear. From my lowly flip-flops, to my well-worn sneakers with the bright pink laces, to Daddy’s new shiny black work shoes, E is a fan!
  • For as laid back and happy of a child as he is, E is extraordinarily driven. When he wants to do something, he tries and tries until he does. It warms our heart to see how independent and confident he seems to be, too.
  • E loves being out and about. Whenever he seems somewhat fussy at home, we find that even running a simple errand brightens his spirits. We’ve recently started grocery shopping with him in the cart and he finds a lot of enjoyment from that. He often tries to grab the shopping list, though, because he thinks putting paper into his mouth is pretty much the best thing ever.

E, these past 8 months have been a joy. I’m such a lucky mama!


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