An open valentine to K

Dear K,

I try to express to you just how much I adore you, but I’m certain I don’t always do as well as I could. I wanted to take a few minutes, on the precipice of our Little’s birth, to document a handful of the things I love about you:

  • You are the strongest person I know. When you were first disclosing your gender identity to me, you could barely say the word transgender. Now, you are blazing a trail to create the family that we want, gender assumptions and roles, be damned. You knew that there would be bumps in the road, and there certainly have been, but you continue to face them with bravery and grace, reaching out when you need support.
  • You are so damn patient. Little things that fluster me simply roll off your back. You bring me comfort when I’m at my wit’s end, and I’m always amazed by your patience. I know that it’s this particular quality that will secure your fate as a phenomenal dad.
  • You never know when you’re being hilarious. Whenever you unintentionally crack a joke, it makes me laugh even harder when I realize that you aren’t aware of how funny you’re being!
  • I think you’re aware that you’re attractive (though I’d probably say “devastatingly handsome”), and I know that you’d openly admit to having a nice ass, but I love that you’re not at all self-centered. You have a generosity of spirit that draws people to you, making us all better for knowing you.

I could probably go on for days about all of the things I treasure about you, but I don’t want our readers to gag on the schmaltz. Just know that I promise to continue reminding you of your amazing qualities with each passing day. Happy Valentine’s Day, love.


Cloth diapering and Christmas

My parents traveled down to our area to visit us for a pre-Christmas holiday celebration. We went out to eat at a local brasserie and the food was really stellar. It was wonderful to spend time with them, especially since we likely won’t be seeing them again until close to the birth of the baby.

They wanted to purchase a rocking chair for us as a Christmas gift and it’s currently on the way to our home. I’m really excited and think it will look really great in the nursery.

My parents also got us a few Christmas presents to open tonight. My dad selected one of the items, which we can display near the changing area in the nursery. As a nod to our decision to cloth diaper Falco, they purchased a set of vintage-inspired decorative safety pins from Ballard Designs:

Diaper pins!

Since K and I don’t typically like traditionally youthful looking items and we like a mix of modern and vintage, we think these pins will be perfect for the nursery! It has actually gotten me pretty darn excited about putting the nursery together in the not-too-distant future.