Almost 33 weeks

Hey everyone.  I haven’t posted much in the past few weeks, mainly because things have been going pretty well.  The first few weeks (28, 29, 30…) of the third trimester have been pretty chill, but all of a sudden I feel like I’ve hit a wall.  I’m just feeling really exhausted and really irritable.  My body is irritating me, my emotional/mental state is irritating me, and worst of all—the world (people in general) are driving me nuts.  

Here comes my complaint session:  

Between my desk job and daily 2 hour commute my back is feeling really messed up.  Before I was pregnant I would get strange upper back pains, cramping and muscle spasms which I attributed to years of binding my chest.  This has been getting worse and I’m thinking about looking into prenatal massage or chiropractics or something…?  

I’ve also been feeling a lot of pelvic pressure.  Every time I stand up it’s like “Whoa gravity!”  I really just expected pregnancy to feel like being fat/fatter.  I’m serious!  I’ve been lots of different weights in my life so I just assumed pregnancy would just feel like getting bigger.  I’m not sure why I didn’t consider that I’d mainly be getting bigger in one area…lol  I’ve gained about 25 pounds so far and it all currently feels like it’s in my uterus and pressing on my bladder and pelvis.  This is concerning at 33 weeks since this kiddo hasn’t even dropped yet!!  

I’ve also been having insomnia.  I wake up at around 1am and stay up until about 4am.  I have no idea why, because it’s not like I’m anxious or stressed or in pain when I sleep.  Actually sleeping is one of my favorite things to do lately.  So, I get up and hang out in the baby’s room in the rocking chair and read for a few hours.  

I’ve also been having strange food/eating issues.  I was crazy and picky in the first trimester.  I felt like I ate normally in the second trimester.  Now, I’m hungry all the time but don’t want to eat anything or cook anything or even try to figure out what sounds good.  Food in general makes me grumpy.  I pretty much only want to eat fruit, crackers, and smoothies (which I guess also falls into the fruit category)  I’m trying so hard for Falco to get my veggies and proteins in!!

Lastly, being annoyed with people in general really makes me sad.  I feel like I’m a pretty patient person and normally I genuinely like people.  But…..these days the smallest thing makes my head spin.  I don’t want to be that person and I am really trying to take some quiet time each day to breathe and relax so I can face the world and all it’s stupidity with my normally kind heart.  

With 7 more weeks until the due date I better get used to some of these uncomfortable ailments.  I know it will all be worth it in the end.  

Thanks for listening to me whine.  

Sitting around

I know that this is a super dorky thing to get excited about—-but we just had a workplace ergonomics specialist come and show us how to use our fancy desk chairs.  We’ve been in our new work space for more than 6 months and I’d never even attempted to move any of the 10 knobs on my chair.  Since the pregnancy has made me a little more uncomfortable this is a very exciting development.  

My back and legs are real happy!!!