About us

C is a mostly gluten-free, mid-30’s queer woman, living with her handsome hubby K, their cat and dog in the Mitten state. She blogs as nobodysperfick.

K identifies as a kind-hearted, faggy transguy, also in his 30’s, and he cannot tell a lie to save his life. He loves people, dogs and statistics, and blogs as mittenguy.

We have been partnered for 9 years and are overjoyed with our family’s addition of our first (human) child, E, a happy little dude who likes music, animals, and every human he meets.

7 thoughts on “About us

  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! We also live in Michigan and are expecting our son in a few weeks! Looking forward to following the rest of your adventure, and maybe one day our little ones will meet up on a play date! 🙂 Best of luck!!!

  2. Hey,

    I was just wondering if either of you had an email or means to communicate that you wouldn’t mind sharing. My husband is trans and we are beginning the process of pregnancy and would love to either of you some questions if you were okay with that. Please let me know. Thanks

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