Lazy weekend

So far, this has been a lazy, rainy fall weekend.

We woke up early this morning and went to two Mom to Mom sales. We were one of the first to get into the first sale, and we were able to successfully make up for our recent mistake of not grabbing for sale tags of larger items we were considering before moving on. If you don’t do that and still expect the item to be there once you’ve decided, you’re totally out of luck. At the first sale, we scored an adorable green and brown Graco pack and play with bassinet for $30 and a minky, gender neutral Baby Gap outfit for $2. The second sale wasn’t as spectacular, at least it wasn’t by the time we got there, but we ended up with a cute array of pants and overalls, mostly in 6-12 mo sizes, for about $12. On our way out, I turned to K and said, “I really can’t justify spending full price on baby clothes. Hell, I don’t even pay full price on my own clothes and I’m not constantly shitting myself.”

When we got home, we lounged around, got caught up on recorded television shows, did a few chores, and took naps. I showered in preparation of a sleep study (oh joy), then promptly discovered a flea on our youngest dog. K helped me corral the menagerie into the gated kitchen, where I then applied a flea treatment while K took cover in the bedroom to avoid the terrible chemicals. Of course, I accidentally doused myself in said chemicals, so I had to take another shower. Never a dull moment in our household.

The only silver lining of the annoying sleep study tonight is that it’s located by a ton of large baby stores that we don’t have closer to our home. We’re going to leave early for the test, have dinner, and shop around a little bit before I must have all of those sexy electrodes and sensors attached to my body. While the majority of my weekend has been monopolized by this study, at least the rest of the weekend has a slow, easy pace, which is such a relief after this hectic week.


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